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FIS Rules

The safety of our guests and all slope participants is an important issue for the Ski School SMT Mayrhofen. Fun and safety on the slopes are two topics that belong together. Here are the FIS rules every skiing should know:

1. Respect other skiers and Snowboarders .

All skiers/snowboarders must behave in such a way that they do not endanger or harm anyone else.

2. Control of speed.

All skiers/snowboarders must be in control. They must adapt their speed and style of skiing or boarding according to ability and to the terrain, snow and weather conditions as well as the traffic density.

3. Choice of route.

All skiers/snowboarders coming from behind must choose their route in such a way that they do not endanger skiers or snowboarders ahead.

4. Overtaking.

All skiers/snowboarders may overtake from above or below and from right or left, but must always leave enough distance to allow the overtaken skier or snowboarder room to move.

5. Entering, starting and moving uphill.

Any skier or snowboarder who wants to enter a marked slope, start again after a stop, or swing uphill, has to make sure that they can do so without danger to themselves and others.

6. Stopping.

All skiers and snowboarders must avoid the need to stop on the piste in narrow places or where sight is restricted. A fallen skier or snowboarder must vacate such a place as soon as possible.

7. Climbing and descending on foot.

All skiers or snowboarders whether climbing or descending on foot must keep to the side of the piste.

8. Observe the signs

All skiers and snowboarders must observe the markings and signs.

9. Assistance.

In the case of accidents, every skier and snowboarder is obliged to provide assistance.

10. Identification.

Every skier and snowboarder, whether a witness or a responsible party, whether liable or not, must provide personal details following an accident.

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Ski school SMT Mayrhofen

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